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Study Permits (Visa)

Study Permits

In Canada, the proper name for a Student Visa is "Study Permit". Just as the name suggests, this document "Permits" or allows a person to come to Canada for the purpose of studying.

If your program is less than six months, you may study on a Tourist Visa, but it's still a very good idea to go ahead and obtain a Student Permit anyway. It will be useful if you decide to enrol in further studies in Canada.

Huron Flight Centre believes that it is important for you, the student, to get the latest up to date information about visas. Rather than just copying a lot of information and posting it here, we prefer to refer you directly to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. There is a large amount of information, FAQ's, forms, and checklists for you there.

Here are some important links for International Students, and obtaining a Student Permit:

General Information:

Becoming Canadian - View the video

Study Permit Home Page: