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ESL - Aviation

ESL – English as a Second Language Aviation

Standard English as a Second Language Aviation Program this course will focus on improving the student’s day-to-day communication skills in the English language. In addition, students will learn communication skills for the aviation industry. This includes:

  • Tower Talk – practice on the ground in a simulated Control Tower environment. Learn to communicate and understand tower controller commands and phraseology in very fast paced sessions. Sessions include a controller and up to 10 students, simulating control zones found at larger airports.
  • Aviation Vocabulary – learn the words and phrases used in the aviation industry.
  • Flight Planning – learn to speak with Flight Service specialists to file, amend, and close out Flight Plans.

Depending upon the student’s capabilities in English (Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing) up to three semesters of ESL may be required. ESL Admissions Information

ESL, Per Semester (as required determined by ESL testing) $6,400

Students must submit ESL test results from IELTS or TOEFL from a test administered within the last 12 months. English proficiency will be tested upon arrival to Canada to verify ESL levels.