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HFC History


Huron has been in the business of training pilots for over 33 years. Flight training operations were first established in 1975. The current directors have controlled the business since 1999.
Huron is ideally located at the Sarnia Chris Hadfield International Airport. This location is ideal for pilot training. The airspace immediately surrounding the airport is not congested which allows for intensive pilot training with minimum time wasted waiting for departure etc. Busy controlled airspace is less than a half hour flight away, ideal for advanced training when a student is ready.


Huronoffers affordable, professionally maintained aircraft for rental and flight instruction. We will provide a safe and effective learning situation for our students while adhering to safe practice and to applicable federal and state aviation regulations. Huron will provide students with excellent aircraft for flight training and an aircraft to fly upon successful completion of their training.
Service Description
1.Aircraft Rental: HFCoffersrental aircraft clear of maintenance discrepancies to students, instructors, and individual renters.
2.Flight Instruction: HFC provides prospective students with qualified and professional selection ofcertified flight instructors capable of helping students obtain their desired flight ratings.
Aviation Consulting: HFC offers individual advice in the aviation industry including airline, corporate, and military recommendations. Additionally, HFC attempt to aid our customers with job leads and references in their desired fields.